Privacy Policy

This privacy policy covers those who uses or interacts with Naqdina Payment services as a general and its web-portals mobile applications that may collect or store personal information of resellers, customers and visitors specifically. This policy is a declaration of Naqdina Payment services to inform those who provides their personal information while using, exploring and or registering with Naqdina systems that their collected information is treated by Naqdina and its employees only for the purpose of service provision and that their information is not compromised.

Users, customers and visitors providing their information to Naqdina systems agrees and confess that they have read the privacy policy and agree to the terms and condition provided here in. Users automatically accepts and agree to the policy when they sign up and try to use Naqdina systems and services. Information is collected to complete registration processes and activate customers and agents account so they can use Naqdina Payment Services product and services. The information may include but is not limited to: Name, Father Name, Address, Phone number, Tazkira or any other ID number, social media accounts information and so forth. Through the social media connection and Naqdina application, visitors, agents and customers may be required to allow access to their phonebook contacts, SMS, camera and phone storage. Users can restrict these access any time through their phone settings. Users, agents or visitors' information has a broad mean and may include all data that is required or compulsory or optional for the users to provide in order to be able to use Naqdina services, products and applications. Collection of these information is meant to provide access, process requests, authenticate demands, verify identity and protect their ownership. These acquired information is also used to prevent fraudulent requests/attempts and notifying the users/agents.

The collected and stored information may be shared with third parties such as Mobile Network Operators, Banks or any other legal authority and those that their interaction will help Naqdina and the users obtain their requested services smoothly and efficiently. Third parties may include distributors, courts and constitutional bodies that will have legal authority to collect information from any sources.