About Us

Naqdina Payment Services is an innovative and forward-thinking firm established in 2014 by obtaining business license from Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA). Since then, by keeping up with the times and carefully responding to the ever changing demands of partners and customers, Naqdina has continued advancing in service delivery.

Naqdina started its Mobile e-Top Up service in early 2015 and completed combining 5 telecoms airtime purchase through a single SIM using USSD and SMS services plus enjoying extra access by using android and iOS mobile Applications.

At Naqdina we have adopted a steady and passionate approach of adding more and more services and products to the list of our offers. We have built upon strong lessons learned in our journey facing numerous challenges in the environment of Afghanistan. Therefore, our offers are picked from a pool of services and products that are most urgent and serves the best requirement of our respected customers. We bring you multiple access choice. No worries if one is not available at your area. There are always alternative ways to perform your requests. Join us for a hassle free future. Be a partner and benefit the unlimited possibilities.