What is Naqdina?

Naqdina is the branding name of Naqdina Payment Services Company. Naqdina aims to provide facilities for the business and general public for their day to day needs. Currently Naqdina has brought you the mobile recharge service and Bill payment services in the country of Afghanistan.

Who can use Naqdina Services?

Anyone can use Naqdina mobile recharge services and Bill Payment Services who resides inside Afghanistan. You can be either a reseller of Naqdina services or a user of Naqdina services.

What is Mobile Recharges Service and how it works?

Naqdina mobile recharge service is a method you can add balance or credit to your phone number from 25 AFN up to 5000 AFN. By becoming a Naqdina reseller or agent you can top up any mobile number of 5 telecoms operating in Afghanistan.

Which Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) Top up or recharge service is included in Naqdina Mobile recharge system?

Currently 5 MNOs e-Top Up or Recharge service is included in Naqdina system. These are AWCC, Etisalat, MTNA, Roshan & Salaam.

Who is eligible to become a Naqdina reseller or agent?

This opportunity is open for anyone who wishes to become a Naqdina products resellers and a person or entity who has a business or shop and would like to re-sell e-top up and pay bills using Naqdina system. However, once you register, Naqdina will validate the registration.

What is the registration procedure to become a Naqdina reseller or agent?

You need to fill our registration form to become Naqdina agent. There is no fee for doing registration. However, your account will remain inactive until you make a deposit in Naqdina introduced bank account and share the details to Naqdina.

How can someone buy balance or Float from Naqdina?

Once you register yourself as a reseller or agent, you should make a deposit to Naqdina introduced Bank accounts and share the slip to Naqdina emails and give a call to Naqdina call center number or raise add balance request using your log in to application providing the deposit details. Naqdina team will add balance once they confirm the deposit or transfer.

Can I earn commission or benefit discount while doing mobile recharge?

If you are registered as an agent or reseller, you will be negotiating the discount or commission rate with Naqdina or its authorized reseller. But if you are normal user making top up or using recharge service and paying through your bank account, you may benefit the discount or avoidance of fees on your bank transaction.

Is it compulsory to join under an existing reseller/distributor of Naqdina?

NO. you can either become our direct agent or you can join using any of our distributors across Afghanistan.

How many access channels are to recharge?

A reseller can recharge using one of below methods:

  • SMS: a reseller can recharge using our SMSC Free Top up Services.
  • USSD: a reseller can recharge using USSD.
  • Mobile Application: a reseller can recharge using our Online Application available in App Store and Play Store.
  • Web Portal: a reseller can recharge using our web portal access.

What is recharge API?

Recharge API is web services that you can use to develop your own recharge B2B or B2C website.

How would a distributor get his discount or commission?

It depends to commission structure policy a distributor agreed with Naqdina. We have two commission structure policy.

  • Prepaid commission Policy: a distributor receives the commission upfront at the time of purchase.
  • Postpaid commission policy: a distributor receives the commission after each transaction he makes.

How much time does it take for balance recharge?

Normally it takes less than 10 minutes for approval of balance transfer after we get funds in our bank accounts.

Can I get support on Fridays/Holidays?

You can contact our support services 24 hours a day and 7 days in a week. But some enquiries which are dependent to third parties, maybe delayed.

Is there a minimum Recharge value limit?

  • Top up: If you are a Naqdina Reseller, there is a minimum (25 AFN) and a maximum (5,000 AFN) limit per transaction on Top up.
  • Float/E-value Transfer: there is no limit.

How much commission a Distributor/Reseller/ Retailer receives?

The type and commission rate depends on:

  • Daily/Weekly or Monthly sales volume of a reseller.
  • Geographical location such as province in which the resellers use our services.