Android App

Allows you to have the same range of access to your account as if you are using web portal. You can register agents, transfer balance, get reports and many other with your mobile application on smart phones.

Work from Web Portal, Mobile App, USSD & SMS

No worries if one access method is not working at your area. We made available multiple access choice. You can switch to access from Web portal, Mobile Apps or USSD and SMS.

Offline Mode in Apps

Your internet package is finished!

No worries at all. Switch to offline mode and use the very important options in a very user friendly graphical interface.

Fast & Secure

For every activity to serve you, our most important attention is to protect your assets and provide a secure transaction environment.

24x7 support

Naqdina support staff at its 24/7 call center is at your service to answer your most urgent questions and concerns in minutes. Reach us via phone, email and online chat.

About Us

Naqdina Payment Services is an innovative and forward-thinking firm established in 2014 by obtaining business license from Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA). Since then, by keeping up with the times and carefully responding to the ever-changing demands of partners and customers, Naqdina has continued advancing in service delivery.

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